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How to Bring Good Luck into Your Home

How to Bring Good Luck into Your Home

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Days are getting brighter, weather is warming up, and St. Patrick’s Day traditions are right around the corner. With the Lucky You! Sales Event, now is a better time than ever to build your dream home with Fischer Homes. But first, find ways to fill your home with the luck of the Irish with these Irish-inspired traditions! Each tradition can be customized to your household and is sure to add a little bit of St. Patrick's Day luck for the rest of the year. Whether you choose to do one or all, your family, friends, and guests are sure to be delighted. 

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St. Patrick's Table Setting

1. Set a St. Patrick’s Day Table

Pull together your greenery, plates, and glassware to create an ambient St. Patrick's Day tablescape. Small plants can add elements of greenery and can be used after the holiday. Gold cutlery or candleholders can add hints of luck and are eye-catching. White, black, or clear plates are the perfect neutral tone to make the St. Patrick’s Day colors pop. Green or white napkins will complete the look by adding a soft element to this tablescape. Light some candles, get out the food and drinks, and now you’re ready to host a St. Patrick’s Day dinner party. Your guests cannot wait!

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2. Incorporate Irish-inspired Landscaping 

Ireland is known for its historic, stone, and slate gardens. While it may not be possible to replicate the perfect Irish garden with sheep and prairies, there are certainly Irish elements that can give your yard a more welcoming feel.

Large leaf plants are a staple of the Irish garden. Gunnera is the most popular large-leaf plant in Ireland, as it grows luxuriously and at a slow pace over a long season. Wildflowers grown in garden beds resemble the Irish countryside. If you are feeling adventurous, water features such as a small pond or waterfall can add elements of tranquility to your landscape. Moss gardens are known for being eco-friendly and curate an environment for other plants to grow. Not to mention, moss gardens combined with Anglo-Irish garden decor will give your yard a true Irish-garden look. Add a couple outdoor seating options, and you and your guests will be ready for a peaceful afternoon soaking in nature. 

Aran sweater

3. Knit an Aran Sweater

Rooted in Irish heritage for the past three centuries, the Aran sweater combines passion and craft to keep you cozy and warm all winter. Aran sweaters, have become a fashion statement. Although they are now made in a variety of styles and colors, the Irish quality of making an Aran sweater has been improved over time. Offered in cardigan style or crewneck, these sweaters are the perfect attire to wear in your cozy home. Learn how to knit one with an online tutorial, or order a sweater online and find it waiting on your front porch. No matter how you go about it, wearing an Aran sweater while sitting near your fireplace is the perfect way to spend a rainy, Spring day in your home.

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4. Cook Up an Irish Dinner

For your St. Patrick’s Day dinner party, serve a traditional Irish dish: Shepard's Pie. Topped with mashed potato crust and filled with lamb or ground beef, corn, carrots, peas, onion, and a dense gravy, this recipe is sure to please. This dish is perfect for a cozy evening in, as it contains all that you need. Originating back from when the United Kingdom had control of Ireland, this recipe has been around for centuries and continues to be a staple of Irish meals. The best part about this dish is that, like your home, is can be personalized to your family. Shepard’s Pie recipes vary slightly depending on who you ask, and families pass down recipes that are unique to them. So, while you can find a simple recipe here, be sure to have some fun with this and add the seasonings and flavors that your household would enjoy most!

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5. Sip on Coffee or Tea at the Kitchen Table

Wake up and enjoy a cozy morning sipping a hot drink at the kitchen table or in your morning room. If you’re a tea drinker, a cup of hot Irish Breakfast tea is the perfect drink for a chilly March morning. Irish Breakfast tea is a blend of various black teas, most commonly a combination of Assam teas and Ceylon teas. Dark in color, this tea has a strong flavor and tends to carry a malty aroma. While some people prefer to drink this tea only with honey or sugar, Irish Breakfast tea is typically served with milk due to its robust flavor.

Grab your favorite mug, warm up some milk, and let your tea bag steep for about 4 minutes before adding any honey, sugar, or milk. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your peaceful start to the day.

Irish Apple Cake

6. Bake an Irish Dessert

Perfect for pairing with tea, Irish Apple Cake is the perfect treat for a dinner party, or to simply offer to guests who may stop by. This recipe, although pretty simple in its nature, relies heavily on using quality ingredients. Whether it be rhubarb freshly picked from the garden, Irish butter, or sour apples locally picked, quality certainly outweighs quantity of ingredients. The simplicity of this recipe shows the humble roots of Irish tradition. Not everything needs to be over the top and glamorous to be enjoyed fully. Recipes like Irish Apple Cake remind us that starting with a firm foundation is what creates the most long-lived traditions. See here for recipe details.

Ballyshannon Community Photos

Fischer Homes has incorporated Irish traditions at the Ballyshannon community located in Union, Kentucky. Inspired by Old World Ireland, this community features a swimming pool, cabana, outdoor living area, walking & bike paths, and more! It's also close to several parks including Orleans Park, Boone County Arboretum, and Camp Ernst Lake. Did we mention Ballyshannon Middle School is located in the community within walking distance of your new home? Ballyshannon takes theming to another level with Irish elements incorporated throughout the signage, landscaping, elegant clubhouse, green playground, and even a clover-shaped splash pad!

Whether it's in our Ballyshannon Irish-inspired community or another community, Fischer Homes is ready to welcome you home! With our Lucky You! Sales Event, the time has never been better to build or buy your new home. 

Lucky You

Stay tuned for more lifestyle content from Fischer Homes. Remember that throughout our journey as your builder, we want to ensure that your experience doesn't end when you move into your new home. Learn more about our 'Lucky You' savings event here, and why now is the best time to buy a Fischer Home. Fischer Homes is forever focused on continuing to go Beyond The Build, by continuing to build the best customer experience possible.

Remember that throughout our journey as your builder, we want to ensure that your experience doesn’t end when you move into your new home. Fischer Homes is forever focused on continuing to go Beyond the Build, by continuing to build the best customer experience possible.

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